>INFP 5w4

hai ! i'm sinew .

i try to be rly esoteric and cool but im just another loser on the internet . just like all of you!

i like quite a lot of things that it's hard for me to list them all properly :) . my favourite thing in the world is learning about things and discovering new ideas and media ^.^ .

Ok 1 thing u should know about me is i like rambling on and on so bear with me lol scroll for more


i've always been fascinated by things of the past . i'm a hoarder and a huge sentimentalist and old internet is one of the things i love most . neocities sites r so fucking COOL to me and the community of people whom still partake in these communities i love u sososo much . i like poking around the wayback machine and old forums of the like and popping in to go hai :3 in abandoned sites and pages . exploring a world in a much simpler , more pleasant time . :)

as a kid, i also loved talking in forums . something about interacting in forum games and customising ur litl siggy just makes soo much more sense than whatever the corporate, vapid systems are in place today for social media . i miss it dearly , and i hope making this site can help bring back that nostalgic comfort ^__^ .

Oh oh ermp i also grew up as a tumblr girlie so i rly lieke tumblr culture and histroy . even like 2013 superwholock shit IDC ITS NOSTALGIC . so ya lawl . i hate all other social media beside it [esp tiktok] excpt like . pintrst and discord iguess .

erm ; about me .. gah !! . i am very introverted and have a hard time talking to people . i get rly obsessive i think . Oopsy doopsy . but i mean well and i like meeting cool people :-) . my favourite thing is humanness and people whom are real and feel genuine ^__^ .

below r some of my interests , but i might as well make a pastebin for evything ive been into . lol .

FAVS EVAR [life-changing]:

♡ rpdr, super smash bros melee , xqc , beatles , homestuck .


snow , prose , poignancy , reading , writing , reseraching , video games , drawing , music , cats , scene culture , history (specif . 2000s and 70s)


rock / classic rock , green day , radiohead , the smiths, smashing pumpkins, pink floyd, panic!at the disco , etc .


cardcaptor sakura , mermaid melody, eva , chobits , death note, lucky star, haruhi, hololive, touhou


fight club, dog day afternoon, a clockwork orange, heathers


neopets , minecraft , poptropica , animal jam , club penguin (virutal worlds i loveu) , danganronpa , runescape , off , undertale, silent hill

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